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Chiropractor Near Me Watertown Sd

Chiropractor Near Me Watertown Sd

Are you searching Google for ‘A Chiropractor near me in Watertown, SD’? Have you considered making an appointment at Deutsch Chiropractic? Call 605-886-8650 if you’re currently dealing with chronic or acute pain of any kind, the caring staff at  Deutsch Chiropractic can get to the bottom of what is causing your pain, accurately diagnose your condition and offer a treatment program that can eliminate your pain.

We get it- you’ve heard it all before, from doctors and surgeons who have claimed they could help you through medications and surgeries to treat your pain. Chiropractic is different from traditional treatments in two major ways: It’s drug-free, and it seeks to treat pain using non-invasive methods.

If you’re suffering with pain that has not been successfully managed by any other means to date, we invite you to schedule an appointment at Deutsch Chiropractic where you’ll undergo a thorough exam and evaluation to determine the cause of your pain. Once a correct diagnosis has been made, you’ll begin a treatment protocol that will target your condition and treat your pain. If you’ve been looking for the best ‘Chiropractor near me in Watertown, SD’, this is the facility you’ve been searching for.

The experts from Deutsch Chiropractic use Dry Needling as one form of treatment for deactivating painful trigger points. These trigger points are often a common case of soft tissue pain. Trigger points develop as knots or tight muscles and can lead to loss of mobility. If you’re currently dealing with stress, tension headaches, neck pain or lower back pain, Dry Needling may effectively relieve your symptoms.

Using acupuncture needles, the specialist performing Dry Needling will deactivate your active trigger points to reduce pain, increase blood flow to the tissue, decrease tension and improve the muscle’s ability to stretch and relax. Dry Needling can treat Frozen Shoulder, Fibromyalgia, tension headaches, sprains and strains, entrapment syndromes, compartment syndromes and much more.

Have you recently suffered a whiplash from an auto accident? Dr. Fred and Dr. Kathleen at Deutsch Chiropractic have been treating whiplash cases for decades. Soft tissue injuries don’t always show up on an X-ray, however they can be the cause of pain that is every bit as real as from an injury that can be identified through an X-ray. If you’ve been in a car crash and are experiencing any of the following symptoms, make an appointment at Deutsch Chiropractic right away:

- Neck, shoulder, upper back or arm pain
- Headaches, dizziness or blurred vision
- Pain when turning your head
- An inability to move or turn your head fully
- Feeling tired
- Numbness or tingling in the arms, hands and fingers
- Ringing in the ears
- Difficulty sleeping

Finding the right ‘Chiropractor near me in Watertown, SD’ is as easy as following the local word of mouth. Residents of Watertown trust Deutsch Chiropractic for their pain management and rehabilitation, and you can too. Take advantage of a first visit special when you call 605-886-8650 to make your appointment. You’ll be glad you called.

Chiropractor Near Me Watertown Sd
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